Will they fall out of my ears when I go jogging? The classic ones (the ones provided with the iPhone 4S) did...

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

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    Yes, I bought a pair of these hoping they would stay in my ears because my original Apple headphones do not. Well, these do not stay in my ears when just walking. I was very disappointed as the sound of these is great and much improved from the classic ones. Give them a try, they might stay in your ears but they did not stay in mine.

  • The earpods fall out for me when I run. The earpod with the mic on the wire falls out more often due to the wight of the mic jumping around. Also they are really uncomfortable for me. After a few minutes my ears begin to hurt pretty bad. I think they are just to big for my ears. The older Apple headphones fit my ears better and rarely fall out.

  • Just like my review stated, it did not stay in for me. I did light jogging earlier today for the first time with them, and they constantly needed adjustments and pushed back in. They didn't fall out, but by no means stayed fitted as if you're just standing. Besides from that, great sound quality.

  • It very much depends on the shape of your ears. I can't get them to stay in my left ear when not moving let alone when undertaking any activity.

    Plenty of people appear to have found that they to fit so they may work fine for you.

  • The earpods with my iPhone 5s are USELESS. They fall out even when I'm sitting still! Sound quality is very bad too (probably down to super poor fit). Avoid.

  • I just tried that today and unfortunately, although they fit beautifully and are super comfy to wear, they do fall out when I excercise

  • The original ones work better for me than these do ;-( They sound great but fall out while on my warm up walk.

  • I can't even get them in my ear! I don't have an unusually small ear but these are just too big. I am so sad because I was looking forward to using them. The original Earbuds would not stay in my ear either. I had to wait to use earbuds until I received the $80 in-ear earbuds that Apple makes for Christmas that are noise canceling and supposedly water proof (supposed to be able to get into pool with them). Sometimes they creat a seal that makes your ear hurt. They have three sizes of gel covers to get a great fit. I love them and have great sound but they are expensive and when you take your phone everywhere you don't want to risk loosing them or breaking them. I thought since I bought the new iPhone 5 I'd at least have two pair...one that I always take with me and one for when I am at home but I'd have buy another pair of $80 earbuds to use all the time and have a backup pair. I can't even enjoy the improved earbud. I find that other brands develop a static when the cord moves shortly after being used that I can't tolerate. Oh well.

  • just got mine today and tried jumping around as crazy as I could, and they never even came close to falling out. unless you jerk a wire, they should just sit there! also very very comfortable on the ears.

  • Mine don't fall out but they do move after about 2 seconds of any movement at al. This results in vastly reduced sound quality, the bass disappears and external sounds are heard more clearly. If I touch them gently with a finger, they go back into place and sound great but they just won't stay in that sweet spot and as a result are frustrating to wear.

    I feel that if they were slightly rubberised they may be less prone to slippage but as they are it's such a shame. Massive sound improvements but completely pointless for me because unfortunately I have to breathe and that is enough movement for them to slip that small amount :(.

  • They tend to be less likely to fall out, when compared to the old Apple earphones.

  • I got them this morning. Good timing as I was getting on my bike. I went for a ride with them and they are so much more comfortable (almost like they are not there). I ride rough and they never fell out. I am not sure about jogging, but for me they worked great.

  • it depends on yo ears like for me they are great

  • Honestly - if you want headphones for working out then there are a number of models specifically designed for sports that will not fall out of your head.

    These are more for day to day usage and once your ears get all sweaty and you are bobbing about on the treadmil... I can't see them staying in anymore than any other set of headphones not designed for the task.

  • According to the Design , It must not Fall , Since when they were finding the Design they made hundreds of people make their head move up , down , left and right . And made them do some Exercises with Headphones Equipped . So you may not face the problem :-)

  • no there improved by alot i don't have them but i plan on buying there

    hope this helped

  • I have had no issue with these falling out of my ears while running. I run on roads and sidewalks and have to constantly look over my shoulder for traffic (something that tugs on the headphones and would always pull the old style out of my ears). Usually after 4-5 miles I find myself checking to make sure they are still in my ear because I can hardly even tell they are there. So far i've gone on two runs with these, 5 and 8 miles and have not had them fall out once.

  • There is no guarantee that these will not, but they have been built to be better at fitting inside your ears and remaining there.

  • They shouldn't fall out, I'm pretty sure thats one of the main reasons for redesign

  • These are actually supposed to fit a lot better in your ears, so they should be far less likely to fall out. :)