Will they fall out of my ears when I go jogging? The classic ones (the ones provided with the iPhone 4S) did...

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

Apple EarPods with Remote and Mic

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  • According the the videos here on the Apple site, the new EarPods were specifically designed to be more stable in your ears and stay put better then the original earphones.

  • No I use them every morning and the sound is clear and nothing wrong its perfect

  • They have been designed to fit comfortably in your ear canal with runners and joggers in mind.

    From the iPhone 5 Design page:

    Apple engineers asked more than 600 people to test over 100 iterations of the Apple EarPods. Testers ran on treadmills in extreme heat and extreme cold. They performed various cardio workouts. They were even asked to shake their heads side to side, up and down. The result: Apple EarPods provide stronger protection from sweat and water, and they’re remarkably stable in the ear. Which means they stay in, even when you’re on the go.

  • no it wont.it is really comfortable in your ear and really wont fall no matter what happens.even if you are using it while we are having an earthquake magnitude 100.it will still be in your ear.

  • I have not used these EarPods yet however I do guarantee that it would be a very good investment on your half because your listening experience will greatly be enhanced and also because the EarPods were constructed on the basis of in-ear headphones and therefore are engineered to be most comfortable.

  • Apple put up a video just for the EarPods. I think they mention that they do not fall out of the ears. You should check it out.

  • These headphones are made different but there is no way to tell if they will fall out since there are so many different type of ear openings. although take in the fact that tell put 3 years of research into this headphone to provide the best experience for everyone.

  • no

  • They are designed not to, they are supposed to fit more snug in your ear, and get better sound than the old ones

  • No these wont fall out like the previous generation Apple headphones. These are all new redisign to fit your ear. And to not fall out either. And also have better sound.

  • Their new design prevents them from doing so

  • No. From extensive research and reviews, and the fact that the new headphones are specially designed to stay comfortably in your ear, I have concluded that they will stay in-tact during jogging, and other physical activities.

  • They shouldn't! With the new design, it is much less likely.