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    OMG !!!!!

    This will be the 3rd charger I have had to purchase.

    Apple, please listen and fix this poorly made charger. The price is also way too high.

    All these reviews are the same.....get it? !!!!!

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    It stopped working in 7 months with no damage

    I bought my macbook in march of 2012. In october 2012 the adapter just stopped working one day. I was going to return it but I plugged it in and it worked again. Flash forward to today. Same thing happened and I plugged it in and now it works again. I went to apple products because I thought they were made better, but it seems to be cosmetic. In all my PC years I have NEVER had an adapter cord fail. Looking at the reviews I am fearful that this will be a long term problem. I love the interface of Mac products but I take very good care of my products to have them fail for no reason. And the adapter is something that should be 100% reliable. How can you troubleshoot if you can't turn it on. Kind of bummed.

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    Disappointed with product

    The part of the adapter that connects to my computer gets really hot and burns my fingers. It recently completely stopped charging my computer and so now I have to buy a new one. This is ridiculous because clearly from all of these reviews, it's a problem with the product and not something the consumer did. Fix it already Apple!

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    An awful awful charger

    I have owned this power adapter a month and it has already broken. Word that rhymes with duck you, apple, word that rhymes with duck you. These things are the worst power adapters on the planet. I resent being charged nearly 100 for a new one AFTER A BLOODY MONTH, one month, exactly one month people.

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    About to buy my third power cord. This is a terribly flimsy design and a true rip off. I'm going to think twice about getting a Mac next time because the "maintenance" costs of replacing these and my battery aren't worth it.

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    Incredibly disappointed.

    I bought this adapter to replace my original one for use with my 2006 Macbook. I carefully read what was posted on the Apple website and discerned that this one would work correctly with my particular laptop.

    Instead of simply charging my computer, it gets so hot that it actually fried the interior part of the adapter that connects to the laptop. Because of this, it now only charges if I press it very hard into the jack.

    So now, after just slightly over one year, I'm looking at having to buy a new one.

    I typically have a very good experience with Apple products, but this one, unfortunately, is beyond frustrating.

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    They Never Last!

    If they let you give 0 stars I would have selected that. I keep having to buy these adapters as they keep breaking down across my two macbooks. When is Apple going to address this?

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    Absolutely Horrible

    I used the old version for two years and because I wasn't very careful with it the edges started fraying. I shelled out the 80 dollars for this new version only to have it stop working after only 2 1/2 months! I was extremely careful with it, but for no reason at all the cord will turn off and on. It also gets very hot, so I am thinking that it might be overheating. I am livid. I want the old cord back.

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    Can't believe APPLE sells this poor of a product

    This is the 4th power cable that I have had to purchase since January 2010. That's 4 cables in 3 years. This means it cost me $79x4=$316 more for my Mac Pro. I am VERY disappointed in APPLE. They should be embarrassed by this product. It's these little things that can turn a generation of people off from a company. Maybe that is why AAPL stock has been tanking. The cables break, stop charging, overheat, and fall apart. The funny thing is I am extremely careful with the cable. My laptop sits in one place. I connect and charge when low, never moving the charger cable more than 3 feet. Within months of getting a new cable, there start to be issues. first it heats up or the plastic cracks. Next, the cable needs to be bent just a certain way to work. then it just stops. Steve Jobs would have heads rolling and replacements sent free of charge for junk like this. I guess that was the OLD APPLE that actually cared. I am a very sad customer.

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    Absolutely terrible...

    I love the design of these things, and I get that the magnet prevents undue strain on the cord...but that is absolutely no excuse for poor quality manufacturing. This is my second cable within less than a year of buying my mac to quit on me. The problem has always been the connection between the cord and magnetic head. Just because the magnet protects that connection does not mean it should be any less strong than any other cable for any other computer. Especially considering the company these come from and how expensive these are, I expect something of quality, not the garbage I keep having to shell out ridiculous amounts for.

    You'd think Apple would do something about it, considering the hundreds of negative comments on these cords.

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    A Disappointed Customer

    This is just unacceptable and disgraceful. The greatness and power you have earned from hard work is totally defeated by this faulty charger. Mine lasted three months, and now I have to pay $80 dollars for a new one JUST so I can use my laptop? Absurd. If you really cared about your customers, you were either A) Stop producing god-awful chargers, or B) Sell them for around $15 or less. Come on, this isn't the quality of product I've grown to expect from you guys. Shame on you.

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    Read This!

    I have a 2008 Macbook and lost my charger on a trip. I was reluctant to order this new one as it is not the exact type they used to provide and after reading the previous bad reviews, I was concerned.

    The first day, the charger worked but the second day, the light failed to eluminate and the laptop was not charging. Hence, my laptop died!

    I visited the Genius Bar at the Apple Store and was amazed to find out that the laptop battery in the older Macbook's needs to be reset/cycled to work with the new power adaptors.

    Apple is also coming out with a software patch that will address this issue.

    I wonder if all the previous poor reviews are because of this issue? Hmmm....

    To fix, simply remove the battery from the laptop and press the button for 10 seconds to reset it.

    Once back in the battery slot, plug the laptop into the new charger and it works!

    A GREAT tip for anyone wondering why this charger does not work with their 2009 and earlier Macbook. It is NOT the charger but the laptop. Voila!

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    Adapter chargers for this product do not last :(

    I have had my macbook pro for only a year and a half. Already the charger adapter's white wire casing near the magnetic end of the MagSafe connector is tearing and shredding all on it's own, exposing the wire itself. This is happening for seemingly no reason besides from basic coiling, which any wire can withstand and comes with basic use of the object, like lifting the wire from point A to point B. As i keep the computer and the chord in the same room always. I am guessing the thin white wire insulation that is supposed to protect the wire is too weak and thin. It cannot handle basic use! Now I need a new one. And I've owned it for no longer than a year and a half and have treated this product like a baby as to make sure not to ruin it. Now I've got to get a new charger for it and seeing as 80$ is very expensive for something that broke on it's own. I am not a happy customer. :/

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    Wow...replacing a Power Adapter after 8 months

    I agree with the other negative reviews! Apple needs to do something about these adapter issues. We've had our MacBook Pro for 8 months and the adapter stopped working. Let's hope our new one lasts longer than that...

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    Is this REALLY an Apple product?

    A little over 1 year after purchasing my first Apple Macbook Pro, I now have to replace the charger for $80. I have owned many PC based laptops, and never before had a problem with the charger! After reading the reviews and seeing the overall low low rating other consumers have given this product, Apple it's time to listen and ACT to remedy the problem.

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    poor quality

    i purchased this charger a few months ago to replace the original one. The only problem I had with the original was my puppy chewed through it. This charge constantly feels hot, and now no longer charges. I have only had this for a few months and I am extremely disappointed.

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    Much better design

    This seems to be a much better design than the old magsafe plug. The construction is more robust, and the head/plug lies flat against the the computer so it isn't as prone to being knocked about. I have a clear hard case to protect my macbook aluminum, and i can confirm it works absolutely fine with the case installed. Still overpriced at $79, but at least its $20 cheaper than the old one.

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    I just bought my mac and adapter in february ... its now september- my Adapter has a short in it. i have to twist and turn it a certain way for it to even charge my laptop. Now i need a new one AND ITS 73.00 are you kidding me?

    For this adapter to be so flimsy i expect a lower price. Dell computer adapters are sturdier and their adapters are universal (I can go to Walmart and pick one up)

    So I am ordering another adapter now ... 73.00 down the drain- thanks Apple. Please make a sturdier, thicker and more endurable, COST CONSCIOUS adapter.

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    Dang this product! It's my second one, and it's broken again!!

    APPLE SHOULD give us at least 2 year warranty to replace this dang product, it keeps breaking - and its soo expensive.

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    I absolutely LOVE my mac book pro but why does Apple make such a low quality adapter?? We spend lots of money of your computers so we should get a power chord that lasts more than 7 months. Ridiculous. And if they do break we should not have to pay for it. I am NOT happy. FIX THIS!!!!!!

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