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    Replaceable You

    Ever since my beloved aluminum Powerbook, I've been fighting with the Incredible Breaking Cord on these things. The wire gets broken right below where it inserts into the computer. THERE IS A FIX. I wrap red electrical tape several times around the vulnerable part. The tape cushions and protects the wire. I've never had one of them break since.

    Now there is a new design--and it looks as though Apple have actually been trying to fix the problem. But I think the new design is as vulnerable to breakage as the old one--and harder to protect with tape. But what I don't get is why they don't just accept the inevitable and design the adapter in such a way that the cord from the adapter can be unplugged and replaced--at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole darn assembly. Could it be that Apple makes more money out of these accessories than out of the computer itself. . . .?

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    extreme overheating

    The part of the charger that connects to the computer gets so hot in this model that I've actually burned my hand on many occasions. I wish I could have just gotten another of the old version charger when mine stopped working because the heat coming off this one is impossible to work with.

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    Breaks Easy

    Made poorly. Owned my MACBOOK for about eight months than it started to give me problems charging "on and off" for about 2 -3 weeks before It stopped charging completely. The tip fell off while examining the cord. Got a new one, but feel apple should revisit the problem. Like the magnetic feature but feel quality and construction is still lacking.

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    First the hard drive and now my Apple 60W Magsafe Power Adapter...broken

    In May/June 2010 my 13" 2007 Macbook hard drive died but I did get a replacement due to an issue with some hard drives for that year. Dec 2010 the wire casing on my original 60W Magsafe Power Adapter suddenly separated leaving the wire(s) exposed not by the magnetic end but at the other end by the adapter box. I am always careful with my Macbook and never handle it roughly. I also never leave the power adapter lying around after using it and never pull on the cord, so I am extremely surprised that the casing should come apart. I have taped it with electrical tape, but it will not work. Also, the adapter would get extremely hot. I cannot use my Mac until I can afford another power adapter. I don't have enough space to explain the issue I had with the replacement hard drive....all I can say is I like Apple but it's just too expensive.

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    Expected better

    It's really sad, because I was just telling a friend that the "L" style magsafe was much better than the "T", but now the magsafe just broke off entirely from the wire. From the looks of it, the wire was twisting a lot and the threads finally just gave and snapped off. I can only assume it's from a lot of travel, but since it's a cord for a notebook of all things, it really should be able to withstand more than this. Portable machines need to travel better, WITH its charger. I haven't even had this one for more than two months.

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    2 years - broken

    Mine is not even two years old and it broke down yesterday night. Not cool buying a new one for 90 €.

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    I thought Mac was better than this

    My MacBook is 2 years & 2 months old and the MagSafe power adapter went out this week. 2 years...really? Shouldn't an Apple product last longer than that? Seeing how many poor reviews the power adapter gets, this appears to be the norm. I am disappointed and don't expect a long life from the replacement that I purchased today. Can't somebody in Cupertino engineer a better adapter? Please?

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    Overpriced rip-off, too sensitive to wetness

    My 1st grandson pulled out the cord while I was in the computer. Before I could get it back, he stuck the mag safe in his mouth. Once again, now grandson #2, same thing. And once again, the power adapter will not work. Another $80 down the drain. I do not understand how with such a good design Apple couldn't go one step further. There should be the ability to just replace the mag safe connector, going into the power unit. This way, you do not need to replace the entire unit if the connector is the damaged piece. And hopefully, not be gouged by Apple for so much $$$$.
    I guess ........ spit happens.

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    Good & Bad

    I really love the design of the adapter, but I must say that it was not made for people who move up and down with their macbook.
    I've had my Macbook Pro for 14 months, and I just had to replace my adapter.
    It started heating up, and it would not give me the amber nor bright green lights. I had to move it around in different positions, and keep my computer in one place for it to charge. This shortage in power supply really affected my computers ability to retain charge.

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    Like the design, but not the quality

    I like the new design. It is much easier to maneuver. However, I have had the product for less than 6 months and I have noticed the that the charge light frequently goes out. I have to jiggle the cord to get it to work. Considering the new design means I do not have to bend the cord as I did the last one, I am not sure why this is happening and there is no 'warranty'. The old design lasted 4 years, so although this one is more practical, it does not have the high standards I associate with Mac products.

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    Hate this charger

    It stopped working the second day I bought it. I had to come to the Review to see what kind of problems people have and their solutions so I can maybe get mine working again. It worked after I tried taking out the battery and putting it back in. I was very upset to see it break after just a day of usage and trying to figure out what happened to this faulty charger. It is kind of a relieve to know that I can always make it work by removing the battery.

    Aside from the frustration of its functionality, I like that it comes with an extension cord. Apple should make all their products free of defect.

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    Wow! I've had 2 of these & both have failed

    I'm not certain why this is so difficult to build a quality notebook charge adapter that is dependable & reliable. I'm going back to the store asking for a resolution. My MacBook Pro works well, but I cannot understand why I keep having a power adapter issue...

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    MacBook power cord too fragile

    Only had my MacBook a few months. The cord is too fragile and I already have to replace the whole thing. It would serve us better if only the skinny little cord needed replacing and plugged into the larger unit as do cords for other Mac products. Cord is unrealistically fragile.

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    Broke 2 so far

    I've broken 2 power supplies. The one that came with my MacBook (Sep-2007) frayed at the connector end. The one that just died frayed at the brick end. I'm buying another one now -- where will it fail?

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    Good design - might need rework

    I bought a replacement 60W MagSafe Power Adapter for my MacBook 13" Black. When I got home and tested it, the adapter worked fine. However, when I needed to use it because I had left my original adapter at work, it would not power up. I have since contacted the Apple Store where I purchased the adapter and I am waiting for a refund or replacement.

    Also if you have a cover on your MacBook, you might have to remove it to ensure the adapter gets a secure fit with the magnet connector.

    I hope Apple has not begun to descend slowly to the level of mediocrity.

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    Poor quality

    I have the very first generation Macbook, I think I got it in February of 2007 and the original charger worked fine for awhile. Eventually the tip frayed and went out. So that had a 1 1/2 year life span, along with that replacement. Same thing happened and still lasted about two years. So two chargers in 3 years and 4 months. These new chargers for some unforeseen circumstances snapped in half between the brick and the magsafe tip. My first two lasted 3 years my other two lasted a month. Three replacements in a month. Unless you take some precautions I would purchase the old style through a separate vendor.

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    Do not like!

    I have had my new macbook pro 13inch for 5 months now and I hate the new charger design!

    It pops out of the computer so easily!
    I sneeze and the thing practically falls out.
    All I have to do is move around a little and *pop*! there it goes.
    When I use my friend's old design charger it stays in like a pro.

    Apple, sometimes your upgrades aren't always a success, such as this one.

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    Good service but a terrible product

    I own the Macbook. After a year my first charger frayed at the edge of where the magsafe adapter connects to the computer. I went to the store with the charger and they replaced it for free. Now six months later the second charger they gave me melted/split at the edge where it connects to the wall. (Mind I take very good care of all of my computers and accessories.) they gave me the newly designed charger (Again for free) which upon first examination appears better because it lies parallel to the laptop instead of perpendicular and the new one WON'T CHARGE. I am taking it to the Apple store tomorrow and hope to find out what the problem is.

    Another problem I have with this product is the frequency of it overheating. Yes I use my laptop a lot but everytime I pick up the charger off of the outlet it is almost hot enough to burn me.

    From my experience, Apple service is good based on how I was able to get two free replacement chargers at no hassle (upon going to the store in person) but if Apple demanded that I pay $89 to replace a faulty product it would have been more than enough cause to take my business elsewhere.

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    I was hopeful

    I thought the design might help to make it a much sturdier product then the adapters before it. Unfortunately, I've run into the same problems that I did before. Today I'll be getting my second of the newly-designed adapters, and it brings my adapter total to 4. I've had my Macbook for a little less than a year and I absolutely love it. But I don't understand why the adapters break down so easily. I don't do anything to it, I don't mistreat it in any way. But the wires just seem to be too easy to yank out. This one needs to remain immaculate. I'll even touch it as little as I have to.

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    Great concept, bad design

    I purchased a 13" macbook at Christmas 2008 and am now purchasing my 2nd power adapter for it. That's 3 adapters(includes one that came with computer) in less than 3 years!! I've been an Apple customer since the beginning and have never seen a product so unreliable as this one. The weak point is the Magsafe connector to cable connection. Both failures have been at this point.
    The computer is fantastic, but the charging cable problem really detracts from it. A new design would be great.

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