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    Apple's adapters don't last

    Previously I had a 15 inch 2008 Macbook Pro. It had a T-shaped MagSafe adapter, very good quality, didn't break in three years. Then I had a 15 inch 2011 Macbook Pro which had an L-shaped MagSafe adapter that broke four times in four years. The wire simply breaks from the joint. Now I have a 13 inch 2012 MacBook Pro which has this 60W L-shaped MagSafe adapter that has broken after one and a half years.

    Buying a $100 adapter every time is very expensive. Apple needs to do something about this problem.

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    Frayed too soon.

    Received this style charger with the purchase of my Macbook Pro a little over two years ago (February 2014). Around February of this year (2016) I noticed the part of the cord near the cube began fraying, so I used a little bit of electrical tape to repair it, and for the past four months (it is now June of 2016) my repair worked flawlessly, until today. Today it is cutting in and out of connectivity, and my attempt to re-repair with new electrical tape only helped a little bit. I am a lot more meticulous about how I store the cord when not in use now compared to when I first got it, making sure to wrap it up without putting any tension on the frayed part. The cord is just very brittle and prone to splitting/fraying if you are not meticulous about caring for it. My girlfriend still has the old style ("T" style) charger and, treated the same way (if not, worse) than I treat my cord, her's is in excellent condition still, and she has had it since 2009. Her cord does seem a little more flexible than mine; mine is noticeably more rigid. I really wish Apple would put more effort into fixing this problem, seeing as how this appears to be a very common issue.

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    Horrible, flimsy, prone to breakage.

    About to purchase my third one in three years. Apple, I love most of your products, but get this together. You are a multi-billion dollar company, and frankly, it is a travesty that you are charging seventy dollars for a POS product that probably cost you less than twenty bucks to make. You are better than this.

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    Two in Six Months

    I've had two of these break in six months; that longevity is ridiculous to begin with, but even more so given how absurdly expensive these chargers are. When I get around to buying another one, I will have spent enough money on these chargers to buy a cheap laptop; come on, Apple, I believe in your ability to make chargers that don't break this quickly.

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    Horribly Delicate

    My charger for my mid-2012 13" Macbook Pro only works sometimes when it's plugged in. Though to myself "hey I'll just order another one"... but at 100 bucks for a cord looks like I'll just deal with this one and by a pc when I need to. This is ridiculous, I was expecting to pay 40-50 bucks at most for a cord (cause you know it is an apple cord). I'm done with this company. Good luck on your next quarter with these overpriced horribly built products.

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    Needs update

    This is my second charger. The one my Macbook Pro came with in 2011 was perfect up until a few months ago. I had to finally purchase a new one after 5 years. The new one I have already has issues and keeps loosing connection. After paying $79, you'd think it would last just as long as the first one that I had! Apple needs to find out what has changed and fix it fast!

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    Why, Why, why

    Same with everyone else. Ordering my 3 charger. Would order from Amazon and eBay but great knockoffs. Design is flawed. The skinny wire started to pull away from the unit and eventually stopped working due to exposed wires. Contemplating whether to wrap some electrical tape around the new one when I get it.

    There are two many one starts on this Apple.........

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    Power supply cord for MacBook Pro

    I've replaced 3 of these adapters since buying my MacBook early 2011. I now need a fourth. I was searching here to find out if I was the only one with this problem. Clearly not. So I add my voice to the multitudes of unhappy MacBook users with frayed cords (and tempers.) Please Apple, why on earth can you not design a sturdier set up for a power supply? I'm good at storing adapters, appliance cords etc, this is the only one that breaks down.
    There should be a recall. Or, you should make replacements MUCH cheaper than $79. And you need to create a better design.

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    I am not pleased at all.

    It's absurd that these should die out so quickly. I am sure this planned obsolescence is intentional. They know that you will be stuck with forking over $80 every year or so, or if you're the impulsive type that you will upgrade to another laptop. This is unfair bordering on fraudulent. There is no reason why this company cannot make a power adapter that will last the life of the computer. Shameful.

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    flawed design

    These are terrible products which frequently break. Bending of the power cord during normal use and transport results in broken wires after a year or two. Come on, Apple!

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    I simply don't understand

    I know how to take care of cables. Yet magsafe keeps breaking at the point where you can obviously see how the contact point is way to weak to handle the pressure simply by the cable's weight. Now mater how carefully I try to manage the pressure by careful placement and never putting stress on the contact point, it keeps fraying and forcing me into the market of new magsafe to set me back at another €79.

    I feel laughed at by Apple.

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    Terrible Design

    I am an advid user of Apple products. With that said, I own almost all products produced by Apple with the exception of a few items. I even convinced my parents to switch from archaic phones to iPhones after explaining how easy they are to use. However, this charger for my MacBook is nothing short of an absolute horrondeous design for a company as forthcoming and innovative as Apple. The narrow cord that connects to the charger pack and to the MacBook itself needs to be redesigned. I take care of my electronics and find it unacceptable for this cord to break, expose wires, spark and finally shock me and become nothing short of a fire hazard. I find it ridiculous that a replacement charger cost me $79 considering it could have started a fire with the spark it caused. Extremely disappointed in the engineering design of this charger pack for a company who is so innovative. I have a picture of the cord if necessary to validate my statement of the fire hazard as it is fried.

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    College Students Already Pay Enough

    Dear Apple,

    I'm currently an undergrad sophomore studying psychology. I have two assignments due tomorrow and three more due on wednesday, all of which have to be typed, and my computer's charger stopped working this morning.

    So, naturally, I go to buy a new one from my bookstore, which is a certified apple seller. Great. Same prices.

    I was thinking, "Oh boy it's gonna stink to have to spend 40, maybe 50$ on a new charger. But hey, if I gotta do it, fine. This is for school." Boy was I wrong.

    I arrive at the bookstore and they tell me it costs not 40, not 50, not even 60, but 80 dollars for a new charger.

    Oh, sorry. Not 80. It costs 79.

    I cannot believe that you, Apple, are so pretentious and snobby enough to release chargers that hardly even work at a price that is higher than the amount of money I make in half a week. I already paid over a thousand dollars to use your macbook pro, which shows me more rainbow spinny wheels than I would see if I worked at a carnival (where things are cheap and fun, I might add).
    Apple, I'm sorry, but I'm breaking up with you.

    Okay, Okay, I'm done ranting.

    I just wanted to let you know that I am now dropping out of college because I won't be able to get this assignment in on time due to the fact that my computer is dead and I cannot charge it.

    I'm typing this on a chromebook that I borrowed from my friend, by the way. Cheap charger + Great computer. I hate you.

    Have a great time living your life with poor people's money, Apple. I hope you are happy that you've ruined the dreams and hopes of yet another college student living in America just trying to get by.

    A College Dropout

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    No Stars, but Apple forced me to give one

    On my 4th charger in five years - Love Apple, but come on... How can these things constantly go bad? I bought an aftermarket charger a year ago, thinking at least I would save a little money. That one is done, too. So I am buying a fifth one today - OEM - and hope it is the last one.
    Seems like a great idea- but these things are so fragile that I feared taking my laptop with me. Figured if I left in on the desk at home the charger would last forever. I SHould have bought an iMac....I realize my rant will benefit no one. Apple, what is the deal?? My laptop still serves me fine, but when I upgrade what shall I buy? Know what I mean....

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    the worst charger

    it costs too much for a charger that breaks really easily. my charger broke in less than two years and it costs 89 euros to replace it.apple should make the cable detachable as it usually the cable that breaks the square keeps on working fine

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    Breaks Everytime

    I'm now on my 3rd macbook (just because I've upgraded and been given one for grad school), and every single one I've gone through AT LEAST 2 of these chargers. I always buy them on Amazon because I can't justify purchasing something for $79 that I know is going to break eventually. It's really disappointing that Apple hasn't addressed this issue (that I know of), and continues to sell this horrible product for $79. I've had my newest macbook/charger for less than 6 months and the wires are already popping out.

    I'm a huge supporter of Apple and think they create some incredible products, but this is not one of them. There should definitely be a warranty on the charger when you buy the computer!

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    Three adapters in 4 years

    I have now gone through two adapters in 4 years. The cord wears thin, frays and breaks open at the junction to the converter. I try to be careful when I wind it up (especially after I had to replace my first one) but it happened a second time. The computer runs great, and I think the charger should last the life of the computer--particularly when it costs $80 to replace them. I feel it wouldn't be that hard of an issue to fix by simply adding more rubber to stiffen the cord.

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    2nd adapter in 4 years

    Apple really needs a redesign of these things. They seem to break in the same 2 places at the same time. We pay enough for these laptops that the charges should last!

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    The part of the cable near the jack that plugs into Macbook deteriorates very fast and the entire thing needs to be replaced. Ridiculously flimsy.

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    TOTALLY APPALLED!! The durability of the power cords is the Achilles' heel of the loyal supporter's defense of all things Apple. With the iPhones and iPads, we just buy a sturdier cord from a third party. But with the MacBook we are held hostage to repeatedly purchase these inferior cords with absolutely no recourse for relief from such rapid deterioration. It's not like we use them for dental floss. After all, without the cord, there is no power.

    Until I went online to purchase the third power cord in three years for my husband's MacBook Pro, I thought this problem unique to us. SHAME ON YOU APPLE!!!

    For a company that prides itself on quality, the power cords of appear to be the horribly mistreated and neglected stepchildren. I, like so many others are staunch Apple supporters. When others cry about the cost of the latest version or the newest product, we stand behind the name because we know the track record is solid. The actual devices are unarguably the best on the market. But at some point in time there will be a group of us that will get fed up with having to repeatedly shell out funds to keep these top of the line products powered up. WE DESERVE AND EXPECT BETTER!!!!

    Apple, please pay attention to your loyal base. Devote just a tiny part of your R&D budget to sturdier power cords that do not fray from basic normal use within the first several months of use.

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