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    Reliable and Durable

    Since switching to a MacBook Pro from another product, I've been enjoying how well made the Apple equipment is, and how well it functions. This Power Adapter is no exception. I'm still using the original one almost 2 years in. I've traveled with it often in the US and abroad, and it's always worked for me; I've never experienced damage to my computer from the various sources of electricity, however dubious they may have been. The Power Adapter is showing a little cosmetic wear and tear since I wrap it up for transport once (or more) every day, and I've run over it with my office chair multiple times--something I wouldn't recommend. My MagSafe 2 is still going strong, but I just ordered a second one just to preserve my original investment and make my life a little easier. I use the original one in place at my office, and I use the new one at home and while traveling.

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    Worked well

    In response to lots of complaints.
    I had zero issues with my cable, it worked well for 1.5 years, that includes travelling, moving it around the house from one spot to the other...then my terrorist of a puppy got a hold of it. But I can't blame the cable for failing after a puppy had a hay day chewing it.
    My brother fiddled with it and got it working for a couple months, then it finally bit the dust.
    Right now, I admit, I am trying to work up the courage the fork out $100+ for a new charger lol

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    Love it

    My MagSafe 2 goes into my bag and out, 4 times a day. No problems.
    I wrote this because of all the 1 star reviews from people that don't take care of their stuff. I'd like to address the idiotic posts as well in my review:
    - If you don't take care of any cable, it will fray and break. Get used to it. Loose coil your cables and don't put stress on the re-enforced areas next to the brick or actual charge port.
    - It's a MagSafe, IT'S DESIGNED TO POP OFF if too much stress is put on charger. I would much rather have my laptop come unplugged for 10 seconds, that have my power port break or my laptop yanked off the table to come crashing to the ground.

    I like these charges. YES, some in the past have frayed at the ports after tons of use. In those cases I just apply Sugru.

    C'mon people. These cables are fine!

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