Automatic: Your Smart Driving Assistant


[Man speaking directly to the camera]

Cars have had powerful computers inside them for years, but that hasn't really improved the way that we drive them. In creating Automatic, we set out to unlock our cars' potential and redefine people's relationship to driving; making it safer, more efficient, and fun.

[Woman walking from her home to her car parked on the street]

We did this by introducing your car to your smartphone.

[Hand holding the matchbook-sized Automatic Link]

It all starts with the Automatic Link.

[Woman plugging the Link under the steering wheel of her car]

Just plug it into your car's data port and follow the simple instructions on-screen. Now, your car and smartphone will connect wirelessly whenever you drive.

[Woman pumping gas at a filling station]

Most people don't realize just how big an impact their driving style can have on fuel efficiency. You can save up to a third on gas with only a few adjustments to how you drive. And Automatic helps you do that, without being a backseat driver.

[Car accelerating quickly from a stop]

It learns about your driving style and gives you subtle audio cues when you do things that waste gas, like accelerating quickly.

[Hand using the Automatic iPhone app]

The app shows your weekly drive score and trip timeline, so you can track your progress and see where to improve. A high score could save you hundreds on gas every year.

[Car slowing down and stopping on the side of the road]

When you drive, Automatic monitors your car's health and warns you if something's wrong. So, if your 'check engine' light comes on, you'll see a description of the problem and possible solutions. You can even clear the light yourself, and save a trip to the mechanic.

[Woman walking away from her car, holding her iPhone]

Because Automatic connects to your car when you drive, it always knows where you parked. Your family can even access that location for seamless car sharing.

[Car driving at dusk on a winding mountain road]

Accidents happen, and far too often there isn't someone there to help. If you're ever in a crash, Automatic alerts 911 with your location. It can even contact your loved ones to let them know what's happened and that help is on the way.

[Man speaking directly to the camera]

We wanted to re-imagine what driving could be, and I think we did that with Automatic. We believe that cars should live up to their potential and that every driver can be a smarter driver. That's why we created Automatic, the Smart Driving Assistant.