Philips/Disney Friends of Hue StoryLight Starter Kit

[Voice Over]

I'm going to tell you a magical tale about a little girl who loves stories and about the night her favorite stories came to life.

As she does every evening, our little girl plays while she waits for Mommy to come put her to bed.

She loves bedtime, because she knows Mommy will read her a story! But tonight is different… tonight, there’s magic in the air…

They choose a story from the enchanted storybook. And as they start to read, something wonderful happens: the room falls under a spell! Our little girl is entranced as the story unfolds – but she isn’t the only one listening…

… her favorite lamp is listening, too. They both set out on the most extraordinary adventures.

They laugh at the antics of the monsters Mike and Sulley…

… they sing along with Princess Rapunzel, while our little girl decides to paint her room pink – and then blushes pink herself when the Princess marries her prince at last.

Together, they fly away – whirling up into the sky on the wicked witch’s broomstick, or ride in style on a fire-breathing dragon!

Until in the end, they reach the Land of Dreams…

The Philips Disney StoryLight transforms every storytelling moment into a magical experience. Controlled by the Disney Storytime app, the color of the light changes to match the mood of each story every time you turn a page. Your child can also pick their favorite color for each page and choose from more than 16 million colors.

The StoryLight also connects seamlessly to the Philips Hue personal lighting system. So spark their imagination with the Storylight.

StoryLight by Philips and Disney. Imaginative lighting.