olloclip Mobile Photography Lens Box Set for iPhone X

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olloclip Mobile Photography Lens Box Set for iPhone X

Olloclip Connect X video transcript

This is the Olloclip Connect X Lens System for the iPhone X. It now unlocks with the push of a button, and clips onto the camera around back. But, can also accommodate the front. So you can share more of what you discover, remove the clutter, or just get up close and personal.

To get this up and running, first squeeze the round button to remove the clip from the pendant. There's only one way to attach the clip, and the logo marks the front camera, while the W1X or T2X marks the back. To install your lens, pull the handle back to retract the peg, then align your lens to either the W or T mark, and clip it in.

Now whenever you're ready to shoot, use those finger muscles you've been training, and squeeze the button to expand the clip, making sure the logo is facing forward. Slide it over the corner of your iPhone, and it will lock in place. You're not limited to the back camera though, easily remove just the lens, and snap it on to the front to take all the group selfies.

Remember that the iPhone X includes both a wide 1X and Telephoto 2X camera. So you can flip and mount your Olloclip lens to accommodate either orientation. And that's it, you're ready to go out and start capturing the world around you.

If you're feeling adventurous, though, the clip can hold up to two lenses, and then can easily be swapped between cameras. Oh, and, don't forget about the pendant, though. The random cutout on the inside is actually useful. Once you split it open, it doubles as a tripod. Say cheese.

With the updated and expanding clip design, it now works seamlessly onto any screen protector you use because safety first. And if you're really into customization, it also works over back skins too. Unfortunately, you guessed it, it still won't work on any cases. Whether it be a tough case, sci-fi looking, folio, or no matter how thin your case is. So slap on your old clip, open the camera app, and the rest is up to you.

  • Overview

    The all-new olloclip Mobile Photography Box Set for iPhone X contains three lenses that deliver unmatched image quality, user experience, and versatility. These Fisheye, Super-Wide, and Macro 15x lenses offer a diverse range of options to shoot wider and closer than ever before possible with your iPhone. The patent pending lens system intuitively aligns with your iPhone’s front and rear cameras, and it expands to work with nearly all screen protectors.

    Connect X interchangeable lens system

    Exclusive to iPhone X, the new Connect X interchangeable lens system maintains all the best features of olloclip's earlier award-winning designs and is equipped to quickly configure with other iPhone X lenses.* Now you can rapidly interchange lenses to instantly adapt to your shooting environment.


    Three premium multi-element coated glass lenses deliver superior image quality

    Fisheye lens for unique 180° spherical effect

    Super-Wide is a 4-element lens with over 120-degree field of view

    Macro 15x lens for the ultimate close-up

    Easy-to-use, patented ConnectX interchangeable lens system attaches and aligns instantly with no extra parts needed

    Selfie-ready to work seamlessly on both front and rear-facing cameras

    Expanding mount works with nearly all screen protectors and doesn't require extra parts

    Pendant Stand keeps the lens accessible and opens to create a pocket-sized tripod

    Works with iPhone that's not in a case or with "olloclip-ready" cases only

    What’s in the Box

    olloclip Mobile Photography Lens Box Set (Fisheye, Super-Wide, Macro lenses)

    Pendant Stand

    Lens caps

    Microfibre cloth

    Tech Specs

    Height: 2.05 in./4.6 cm

    Width: 2.19 in./5.6 cm

    Depth: 1.8 in./5.2 cm

    Weight: 1.7 oz./50 g

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    Mfr. Part Number: OC-0000257-EA

    UPC or EAN No.: 817311013922


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    Warranty: One year

    Manufacturer Note

    *Previous-generation Connect lenses are not compatible with the Connect X lens system. Also not compatible with iPhone flash or cases that aren't "olloclip-ready."

  • iPhone Models

    • iPhone X
  • Answers from the community

    • is it compatible with iPhone XS and XS Max?
      • Asked by Victor Z from Sunnyvale
      • on Sep 19, 2018


      Copied of the Olloclip site on the 1st November 2018

      HEY! This product is designed for the iPhone Copied of the Olloclip site on the 1st November 2018

      HEY! This product is designed for the iPhone X. It does not fit the new iPhone XS, XS Max or XR, but solutions for those devices will be coming soon.

      Our Fisheye, Super-Wide and Macro Lenses offer a 180° spherical effect, a wider field of view and macro magnification to enhance your iPhone camera's perspective. This set is also equipped with Connect X Lens System, so you can swap with other Connect X Lenses (for iPhone X or Multi-Device Clip).

      ✔ Works with caseless iPhone.
      ✔ Works with olloclip Slim Case.
      ✖ Does not work with any other phone case.
      ✔ Screen protector compatible.
      ✖ Not compatible with flash.

      • Answered by Ian RH B from Sutton Coldfield
      • on Nov 1, 2018