I have a I Mac7,1 with a ATI, Radeon HD 2600 graphics. will the 5770 work

It is seemingly slowing down on many websites
is it easy to self install

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2 Answers from the Community

  • The 5770 is a dual slot card. You need to place it in the first PCIe slot of your Mac Pro. The 2600 is a single slot card. It will fit perfectly above the 5770, in slot 2. You will get reduced performance though.

    As a tip, removing the hard-drives gives you more room while you're adding/removing PCIe cards.

    It is very easy to install yourself.

  • No it will not fit as the IMac video card has special elongated cooling pipes giving it a slim profile so as to fit in the iMac confined space. This 5770 has a high profile so cannot fit in. It is intended for Mac Pro in its various version.