can apple tv be used as a repeater for my wifi network?

i want to increase the strenght of the wifi signal in another room

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    Apple TV will not function as a repeater. But Apple does offer another device with such capabilities for the same price. Check out Apple's Airport Express. It's the same price as the Apple TV and will extend your network. It can extend the network from any part in the house as long as it can connect to your router. It's not capable of replacing the router either. Along with extending the network, it can also make a printer wireless. If you want to replace your router, check out the Apple Airport Extreme. They're $200 but have the same capability as the express but like I said, it can replace the router and it has a powerful range. My home is pretty big and I can stream full HD vids with no buffering all around my property and I live on a 3/4 acre plot. The setup is easy as long as you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac computer, or windows computer, all you need is to install the Airport utility on windows machines. For the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, there is an app called Airport utility and for Mac, it's already installed into every computer I believe. There's a certain update and later that you need.

    • Answered by Jesse H from Clarence Center
    • May 14, 2014
  • No. You best bet is to buy an Airport Express.

    • Answered by Patrick G from Apo
    • Apr 16, 2014