how many songs does the 128gb hold if you don't put many apps and no pics

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    Lots of variables here but here's my attempt to answer.

    No matter which device you purchase, a certain amount of the memory is reserved for the operating system. For iOS7, estimate about 4.5GB. So you have 123.5GB "available" to install additional apps and data.

    The next part depends on your music collection. An iOS device can play music in WAV, MP3 or AAC format. WAVs are larger files. AAC is what you get when you buy a song from iTunes. MP3s are the most common. And within MP3s you can have different sampling rates varying from perhaps 96kbps to 192kbps. The higher the sampling rate, the larger the individual file.

    Given all that I'm going to arbitrarily say that most 3-4 minute songs are approximately 4MB.

    Doing the math 1GB = 1024MB. So each GB you have available might be about 256 songs.

    256 * 123.5 = 31,616 songs.

    I have an iTunes library of about 36,000 songs and it's about 120GB. (My average file size is lower than 4MB because when I first started converting my CD collection to MP3s I used the smaller 96kbps files because device space was a lot more expensive. But after awhile I started using the better quality, larger files)

    (One piece of advice, don't underestimate how useful the iPad is for storing pictures - and like everything, they do tend to accumulate! If you have a large music collection that you really want to have with you all the time, I'd recommend you seriously consider a 128GB device. Otherwise, you may find that 64GB or even 32GB is acceptable.)

    • Answered by Jeff E from Chatham
    • Nov 13, 2013