If I have the Icloud how many GBs do I need on my Ipad?

I am looking at buying an Ipad for my wife. If we have signed up for the Icloud service including Itunes Match, how many GBs do I need for the new Ipad. She won't be downloading tons of movies etc, mostly some games & web surfing. I thought 32 should be sufficient since our music and photos would be stored in the Icloud. Am I correct in that I don't need the 64 gb model? Thanks.

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    A 32 gb should be more than enough. I have just gone down from a 32gb ipad2 with the ipad 4. I keep all my music on iCloud and have a large ipodtouch to store my music collection. iCloud downloads when it plays so I think it could need a bit of space depending on yr music collection size. That's why I got a large iPod for music and an ipad for everything else..What ever you get her I'm sure She will love it!

    • Answered by Cherie F from Brisbane
    • Sep 7, 2013