Would a 32gb ipad have enough storage if I wanted to have about 20 additional apps, 300 songs, and 2,000 pictures and maybe a movie or two?

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    Yes but it might not leave you with much room to play with. The iPad has about 3-4 GB of software already on it so you basically have 28 GB of space.

    300 songs- 2 GB or more
    2000 photos- 4 GB give or take
    20 apps at 500 MB- 10 GB roughly
    2 movies- 10 GB roughly

    That is 26 GB total, that is my guess so to answer your question yes.

    Hope I helped :D

    • Answered by Corey B from Warracknabeal
    • Nov 10, 2013
  • It should be plenty of space! I have an iphone 4s that is 16gb and I have all this on my phone....

    • Answered by Morgan M from Hortonville
    • Nov 8, 2013