does the iphone work everywhere?

I want to buy an iphone 4s here in america but next month i will move to italy, will it still work or do i have to buy a new one?

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    there are a few things you need to make sure…
    1- your iPhone needs to be contract free/unlocked to be able to use it in another country…
    2- you need to make sure the iPhone supports GSM since in Italy the system is GSM and not CDMA, which means your phone needs to be the AT&T or T-mobile and not Verizon or Sprint…
    if it's an iPhone 4 you have, then it NEEDS to be GSM…
    if it's an iPhone 4S and above, then all phones would work (IF they are unlocked) because since the 4S the iPhone became a world phone… though keep in mind that an iPhone 5 bought in the states does not support the LTE of Italy and other european countries...

    • Answered by Wissam C from Hamra
    • Sep 13, 2013
  • It will depend on your carrier. You will need to make sure you activate GSM service if you are using Sprint or Verizon. If you are going to stay in italy you may want to get a unlocked sim free iPhone 4s so you can activate it there with a cell carrier in Italy.

    • Answered by Terrill S from Dublin
    • Sep 14, 2013
  • As long as you buy an unlocked iPhone 4S (which is $449 and runs on a GSM network).

    You can use your phone on a GSM carrier in the US (AT&T or T-Mobile) and once you move to Italy, sign up for service with an Italian carrier.

    • Answered by Sam D from Grayslake
    • Sep 13, 2013
  • Yes, I just came back from Italy where I used my iPhone. You will have to have it unlocked if you wish to get a local carrier (I suggest Tim) or at least with Verizon they can provide you with an international plan and the commands you need to do to make your phone international

    • Answered by Kyle P from Clifton
    • Sep 17, 2013