can iPod touch app be used on MacbookPro?

I have Messages on my iPod touch, and I would like to use it on my Macbook Pro

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    First I'll answer the question you asked, and then I'll answer the question you perhaps intended to ask.

    1. At the present time, probably not, since the operating systems are very different. That's why some apps, like Pages, are cheaper for the iPodTouch than for the Mac computers. However, I've read that the new Mac operating system, OS X Maverick (which is not yet released), will allow you to read the same downloaded iBooks on all your devices, including the Mac computers.

    2. Things like Messages (and Contacts and Calendar and Mail) are synced through the cloud between the iPod Touch and the Macs. You should be able to get Messages for the Mac for free (if not, you may have to upgrade your Operating System, since Messages is part of the Mountain Lion package). They are not technically the same app, since the background coding has to be different for the different operating systems. But if you use the same "Apple account" for both devices, they will work as if they are one and the same. That's part of the "selling point" of using the Apple "environment" for all your computing devices.

    • Answered by Eve B from Boynton Beach
    • Jul 7, 2013