iPod touch or ipod classic compare

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    iPod classic can play video (it does not take video) , store pictures (it does not take pictures), and play music, audiobooks, or podcasts. It has 160GB of storage space. iPod touch can do all of the above, plus you can get apps and games and take pictures, plus a bunch more. The 5th generation iPod touch even has Siri. However, it has less storage space, with either 16 or 32GB for the 4th generation and either 32 or 64GB for the 5th generation. Honestly, unless you want to be carrying enough pictures, movies, music, etc. to last you a lifetime, get the iPod touch. In fact, the 16GB iPod touch (4th generation) is $50 cheaper than the iPod classic.

    • Answered by Lauren O from Wheaton
    • Dec 28, 2012
  • The iPod Classic has 160 GB which is perfect for someone who wants to listen to a lot of music. For anyone who has a lot of music in their iTunes library and wants the iPod to just listen to music I would recommend the Classic.
    The iPod touch is better suited for people who would like to download apps including games. The touch comes in 18, 32 and 64 and if you have a lot of apps and not so much music this would be fitting.

    • Answered by Cassidy H from Red Rock
    • Aug 12, 2013
  • I would go with the iPod touch. Just saying.

    • Answered by Donna G from Richmond
    • Dec 19, 2012