What's the difference between ipod shuffle 4th and 5th generations?

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    There's actually no such a thing as the 5th Generation iPod shuffle. On the internet, you can even see some say 6th generation.

    There are only four generations of iPod shuffle. The reason of the general confusion is that because the 4th generation iPod shuffle is released two times, with different colors. The first release was in 2010 and the second release was in 2012 (with different colors and material design).

    The only difference between two differently released iPod shuffle 4th generation is the colors. While the first released versions were silver, blue, pink, green, and orange, secondly released versions consisted of silver, slate, purple, pink, yellow, green and blue models, all with matte finish unlike the shiny finish before, in order to correspond with the 5th generation iPod touch and 7th generation iPod nano.

    • Answered by Hakan M
    • Aug 4, 2013