which model is best for 5000 songs

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    If you want an iPod only for a lot of songs I recommend you to choose the Classic. If you want to play games surf on the web, take pictures, and listening to music, the iPod touch is the best.
    The Nano and shuffle don't have enough storage for your 5000 songs.

    • Answered by Alexandre D
    • Oct 27, 2013
  • Considering I have 1035 songs that take up 7.72GB, you should go with at least 64GB if you're wanting to have all of your songs on your iPod at the same time.

    • Answered by Patrick S from Mineville
    • Oct 28, 2013
  • Guy an Ipod Classic is way better than the others and u can carry 40.000 songs with you

    • Answered by Diogo A from Teresopolis
    • Nov 9, 2013
  • The ipod touch 32gb will hold close to 5000 average length songs....if your dead set on that number you would be best advised to go to 64 gb. Hope that hepls.

    • Answered by Scott H from Gander
    • Nov 1, 2013