Does the base 15 inch model have the NVIDEA card?


I am a youtube partner so I make HD videos once a week. I'm looking to buy the macbook pro 15 inch, but I notice the base $1999 model doesn't have the NVIDEA graphics card, which I need. However, I want to soup it up to the 2.6 processer and 16GB of memory. If I do that, will the NVIDEA card come with those upgrades? For example, is the NVIDEA card part of the 2.6GHz processor or 16GB memory? I tried looking at the specifications when looking at my apple cart, but I couldn't see it! The reason I don't want to get the other 15 inch is because I don't need 512GB of PCIe flash-I am happy with the 256 PCIe-flash.

PS What the heck is PCIe-flash??

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    unfortunately you cannot purchase a 15" MacBook Pro Late 2013 model that HAS the NVIDIA GT750m graphics card installed without purchasing the model that has a 512GB PCIe Solid State Drive.
    I recommend purchasing the EARLY 2013 model which has a NVIDIA GT650m graphics card installed and only has 256GB SSD. This model also is significantly cheaper. however you will need a custom order to purchase that model with 16GB RAM installed, because the baseline one only has 8GB RAM.

    And to answer your other question,
    PCIe Flash memory is intel's latest technology which enables faster data transfer rates than any other Solid State Drive/Flash Memory.

    • Answered by Kyle P
    • Jan 29, 2014