Going to Undergraduate engineering school: 13in MacBook Air, 13in MacBook Pro, or 15in MacBook Pro.

I am going to college for aerospace engineering and need a new laptop.
I will primarily use it for:
streaming videos and music
photoshop lightroom (photo editing)
downloading movies and other media
I am leaning toward the MacBook Air 13in, but I'm concerned that the processor is not powerful enough. I really like the quad-core processor in the 15in MacBook Pro, but I really want something lighter. I like the SSD in the 13in MacBook Air, and I can't afford upgrading to an SSD in either of the MacBook Pros. Does anyone know how much power engineering programs need and if I even need to use them on my personal computer for engineering college?

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  • Hey there!

    If I were you I would definitely go for the Macbook pro 13" (I'm presuming retina) as it packs enough punch that you require. Yeah, the macbook air is really thin and easier to take with you, but doesn't have a powerfull enough processor to handle some of the programs you would like to use.

    I would say to definitely go with the 13" retina as it's not to big and should do what you want it to do with ease!
    Hope I helped!

    • Answered by Reece B
    • Aug 30, 2013
  • I would get a 13" non-retina display Pro, the Air doesn't have a DVD drive or FireWire which are very useful for dealing with top-end software and large files, also the Air has a 64/128/256 Gigabyte SSD memory as opposed to the 500GB upgradeable to 750GB hard drive of a Pro. I realise you want a lighter machine but from experience I know that opting for weight and aesthetics over function and practicality is a very bad idea once you've downloaded a few films and bought some good software.

    • Answered by Ianto H
    • Aug 30, 2013