I'm a blogger (blog on Wordpress.org), I frequent Facebook, pinterest, evernote, etc. I am curious which mac would run the best for me.

I have never owned a mac before. :) Would like it to be super fast and smooth with blogging, facebook, pinterest and the like. I would also play games like Farmville 2. ;)

What would you recommend? I am on a lower budget, so I can't go all top of the line. I would also like to be able to take it around the house and such. So a macbook is mostly what I am leaning towards.

2 Answers from the Community

  • Hi,

    I recommend for you the MacBook Air, its more affordable. You can have the 11" MacBook Air for $899 or the 13" MacBook Air for $999.

    Hope this helps

    • Answered by Brian S from Aguadilla
    • Aug 25, 2014
  • Hey! in my experience suppose you would like to surf mac at home then the Apple's Mac Mini i5 would be the cheapest option for you which will also work fast and smooth but as u have said that u would also like to be able to take it around then i would only recommend MacBook Air as it will do most of ur work without any hassle. Or u may try to get even an used Macbook at cheaper rates.


    • Answered by R Vijay M from Delhi
    • Aug 25, 2014