Just purchased an iMac for our home. Do I need to run a cable from the wireless router to the computer or does it have wireless capabilities?

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    I use both, but mostly to keep on eye on my flakey WiFi router's status. Wired is ALWAYS better and usually faster than wireless, as well as more secure. But, it functions fine with either. I would also recommend buying a high quality WiFi router, because a lot of them burn out surprisingly fast. Many routers have a standard speed (slow, but reliable) and higher speeds or boosted speeds. I have experienced the high speed feature failing after a year or less on many cable company provided routers, so I bought an Apple Wireless router and just plugged it into one of the cable router ports. Much better signal strength and it reaches all over my two story 3,000 sf house. In my experience, the cheaper WiFi routers lose their high speed capability, but retain the low speed connection. Thus, I was thrashing my computer think IT was slow, because I still had an internet connection. I suggest speediest.net to verify your download speed is what you are paying for.

    • Answered by Craig H from Austin
    • Jul 26, 2014
  • It has wireless capabilities.

    Go to System Preferences and then click Network, you should see both wireless and wired options available.

    • Answered by Juanito S
    • Jul 25, 2014
  • Yes it does have wireless capabilities.

    • Answered by Tate B from Melbourne
    • Jul 10, 2014
  • It can run without wires

    • Answered by Sandy K from Glenolden
    • Aug 13, 2014
  • I have been wireless with all my Mac computers. Just make sure you have a wireless router.

    n case your wireless router is too far away you might you might have connection issues and want to get the latest higher range ones. The Airport Extreme from Apple has never let me down in terms of range. In case you have range issues you can also extent the range of your current router with an Airport Express (kind of a mini Airport Extreme with a mini price tag ).

    • Answered by Perm C from Port Moody
    • Oct 26, 2014
  • It has wireless capabilities, but with wired connections you get better speed and more security. You don't have to worry that someone's stealing your info from outside your house. If you have gigabit ethernet, you get much, much faster data transfers.

    If you have problems running a long ethernet cable, you might consider powerline ethernet. It allows you to run data through your electrical outlets.

    • Answered by Greg C from Rome
    • Jan 1, 2015