Mac book pro or Mac book air?

I'm looking at getting a new laptop and wanting to get an apple! I have been tossing up between the Mac book air or pro (ex retina) taking in to consideration weight of the computer. All I will be using it for is - movies, tv shows, music, photos and the use of Microsoft office, also will i be able to plug in my 1tb external hard which I have my photos and movies etc......

What will you suggest!

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    If you're looking for more ports, get the macbook pro 13 inch, if you want more portability and lightness, then get a Air. The macbook pro is slightly faster, yet the air has longer battery life. these are just some things to take into consideration.

    • Answered by Alex W from Knoxville Tn.
    • Mar 25, 2014
  • Mac Book pro because you can insert cd's dvd's and do more than a mac book air on a mac book pro.

    • Answered by Liezy H
    • Jun 2, 2014
  • My two bits .... I had an Air, but returned i to Apple in favor of the Retina display endowed Pro. The Air was bulkier owing to its larger footprint (imagined crowding with airplane seating) and exhibited more heft attributed to its awkward size and leverage. For viewing images, both models afford great displays but the Retina wins that round.

    • Answered by Karel N from Escondido
    • May 4, 2013
  • Also, the macbook pro has a better screen than the air. Better viewing angles and clarity!

    • Answered by Ronald W from Carrollton
    • Oct 23, 2014
  • I would consider the macbook pro with SSD drives as it cuts weight down some. Also much faster than macbook pro. Get the retina display if your really going to watch movies. I travel a lot and use both an air and pro when traveling. When you really think about the weight thing the extra 1TB drive will make the weight of air be up there ... The power with the SSD pro is very good.

    • Answered by Scott B from Hanover
    • Sep 20, 2014