Macbook air vs macbook pro non retina?

Im a school student torn between the macbook air 2013 and the mid 2012 macbook pro. I hope to use it for all my school work (word, excel, powerpoint etc,) and some light gaming.

I can get the education discount and the base 13" air with 8gb ram works out at roughly the same as the base 13" macbook pro with only 4gb ram. But the air only has 128gb storage, and the macbook pro has 500gb.

What are your recommendations? Any help is welcome! Thanks :)

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    I have owned A LOT of MaBooks through the years. I personally would shoot for the MacBook Air. I know many people say the MacBook Pro is great for upgradability but honestly there is not much to upgrade until soon enough upgrading to a new Mac. The MacBook Air would suite you perfectly. It is blazing fast and for your needs this would be the path to go. You cannot upgrade the ram so I'd go for the 8gb and that is MORE than enough ram. You can always upgrade the SSD as well down the road from OWC. The MacBook Pro (non-retina) has become outdated and in order to future proof yourself for the next 3-4 years you're best to purchase the MacBook Air. Best of luck!

    • Answered by Tyler G from Wake Forest
    • Jul 26, 2013
  • I thinks since you are using it for school and are probably going to be taking it back and forth, I believe that the macbook air is better since it has better battery (12 hours) and is very light . Hope that helped:)!

    • Answered by Renee L from Yorba Linda
    • Dec 27, 2014