My wife does web design and is in need of a new computer. I don't know apple and want to figure out a good lap top that could work for her?

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    If she does professional web design, a MacBook Pro is probably the way to go. It still is a laptop so she can use it for demoing things to clients and it has the power to run Adobe Photoshop and other applications sufficiently. Also, the CPU is so much faster in the MacBook Pro that it may last a lot longer for her than a MacBook Air.

    If she doesn't need to take it with her, an iMac might be a good alternative.

    • Answered by Lucas H from Ypsilanti
    • Aug 14, 2014
  • I recommend to buy your wife : if she likes small laptops a MacBook Pro 13" if she likes big laptops a 15" MacBook Pro.

    • Answered by Brian S from Aguadilla
    • Aug 13, 2014