Should I get a normal MacBook Air 13" or a customized MacBook Air 13"?

I have paid deposit to get a MacBook Air but I am still thinking to get a i5 processor and 4Gb ram or i7 processor and 8Gb rams.

I will use it to surf Internet, do PowerPoint and presentation, sometimes will open a few tabs of google chrome,a few of Microsoft PowerPoint and a few of Microsoft Words in a same time.

Will the spec as I mentioned above affect the time taken of startup, battery time and temperature?

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    A Core i5 processor should handle web browsing, Powerpoint and Word easily, especially in the current MacBook Air models (it is faster than the Core i5 processors on older models). The Core i7 will not make a noticeable difference, unless you often write and compile software, use virtual machines or edit audio/video material.

    4GB of RAM will usually be sufficient, depending on whether you'll be running other apps besides the ones you mentioned. IDEs (applications for writing computer programs), the Adobe suite of programs and virtual machines (to consider a few) will each take up at least a few hundred megabytes of RAM, so consider upgrading to 8GB if you might use apps like these in the future.
    One note about memory: because the MacBook Air uses an SSD ("Solid State Drive", a kind of hard drive with no moving parts that works a bit like a very large very fast USB stick) instead of a hard drive, the MacBook won't slow down very much when you've run out of RAM. It is more noticeable on computers with a spinning hard drive.

    Startup time should hardly be affected by either upgrade (processor or RAM), I am not sure about battery life and processor temperature. I hope this helps!

    • Answered by Fabian M from Moscow
    • Sep 7, 2013