Which 13' mac book pro 128GB or 256GB is more suitable for a graphic designer?

I don't know which macbook pro is more suitable for a graphic designer.But currently i am a student but i wish to bring this macbook pro to my future job.Thus, i have limit budget as well. Please give me useful comments. Thanks.

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    A lot of people will tell you that you are better off getting an external hard drive and using the money saved towards the computer, which is an option, but I personally think that this isn't the best option. I would highly reccomend getting the 256 GB version because it will boost the performance (the 256 GB is faster for multiple reasons I won't get into). Also, 256 GB will allow you to install more software that couldn't be stored on an external hard drive.

    Hope this helps!

    • Answered by Brett D from Naperville
    • Aug 17, 2014
  • Always go with more storage out of the gate- it will be expensive to upgrade the storage in the future because it is not the standard hard drive used in most computers (unless you're going with the non-retina, traditional 13' macbook) As of today it will cost you $600 to upgrade the storage to 1 TB yourself with parts on Amazon. It would cost $340 to upgrade to a $480 gb.

    I do Illustration and motion media and I am CONSTANTLY shuffling stuff between my macbook and an external drive at 256 gb. It's a huge pain. I have to carry external drives around and worry about them getting bumped or ejected incorrectly and getting corrupted- just get more now. Sell some stuff if you have to, but go with as much storage as possible.

    • Answered by Andrew M from Savannah
    • Aug 17, 2014