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    DB3 has Issues, but saved me.

    This is a mixed review. My initial experience with DB3 was very negative. I wrote a web page to describe the issues: (Google search for "DataBackup3.0"). But once I stuck to Clone backups, I had relatively good success, although Fast Start didn't work. The last time I tried a backup, the process "froze", and I lost my hard drive. Fortunately, DB3 hadn't written anything to the external backup drive, so my clone was intact. I was able to install a new hard disk, boot from the clone, and then clone back to my hard drive. Without that, I'd have lost everything. So DB3 saved me. For that reason alone, it was worth it.

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    Ok except for encryption

    I have been trying for six weeks to get an encrypted backup to work with no success. I have been working with thier customer support, who are very fast and responsive, but to no avail. The problem is it just will not restore from an encrypted backup. If you want to use it for non-encrypted purpses it works fine.

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