Freefly Movi Cinema Robot

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Freefly Movi Cinema Robot

Freefly Movi Cinema Robot

What if your phone could do more, capture more, create more?

What if your phone could transform into a powerful storytelling tool?

This is Movi, your personal cinema robot.

Shooting with Movi is simple.

Slip your phone into Moviís clamp, and run, ride, slide, skate, climb, and capture everything.

You focus on the story while Movi turns every bump, jolt, and shake into smooth, cinematic footage.

Each Movi ships pre-loaded with our favorite methods for creating stunning films.

Majestic mode turns bumpy moves into smooth cinematic shots.

Echo mode allows you to select your start point, end point, and Movi takes care of the rest.

Timelapse mode enables you to compress time while executing dynamic moves.

Movilapse is a moving timelapse. It allows you to cover huge distances and time spans and compress both to show your world in a completely new way.

We built a smartpod mode into Movi that enables you to manually point wherever you want and know that Movi will hold that position perfectly.

Combine your phone with Movi to create the world's most portable, capable, and intuitive cinema robot.

  • Overview

    Freefly Movi Cinema Robot is a ready-for-anything mount that turns your iPhone into an even more powerful filmmaking tool. Simply slip your iPhone into Movi’s clamp, then point and run, ride, slide, skate, or climb, while capturing everything in the highest-quality video. Movi turns every bump, jolt, and shake that you normally see in mobile video into smooth, cinematic footage with the same stabilization technology found in professional camera gear. Pair with the free iOS app for pro-level shooting methods, customizable controls, and adjustable camera settings.

    Do more, capture more, create more

    Movi is flexible, designed to unleash the cinematic potential of your iPhone. Use portrait, landscape, or selfie shooting mode to create and tell your story. Movi’s unique shape allows you to set it down anywhere or use the ¼ 20 mount for your tripod, dashboard, or selfie stick. In addition to strong, lightweight, and durable construction, Movi offers long-lasting batteries ready for a full day of mobile filmmaking.

    Majestic mode

    Majestic mode turns bumpy moves into smooth cinematic shots, letting you quickly toggle between presets and turn on/off horizon leveling with a single click.

    Echo mode

    Echo mode allows you to select your start point, end point, and duration. Trigger the action and Movi pans from point to point for repeatable, automated camera moves.

    Timelapse mode

    Timelapse mode lets you compress time while executing dynamic moves. Movi can move up, down, left, and right very slowly and precisely to create dynamic captures when played back at regular speed.

    Movilapse mode

    Movilapse is a moving timelapse, allowing you to cover great distances and time spans.

    Orbit mode

    Orbit mode keeps the shot fixed on your subject as you circle—just set your direction and speed, then trigger the action while you walk.

    Barrel roll mode

    Barrel Roll delivers a smooth, 360º roll as you move Movi in a circle. Set your speed and keep Movi turning for this unique shot.

    Smartpod mode

    Smartpod mode lets you manually point wherever you want and know that Movi will hold the position perfectly.


    Shoot portrait, landscape, and selfie mode

    Fully featured iOS app with seven customizable shooting modes

    Shoot in 4K or 1080

    Set frames per second from 24 up to 60 (depending on iPhone model capability)

    ¼ 20 mount for your tripod, dashboard, or selfie stick

    Long-lasting batteries (8+ hours)

    Unique shape allows you to place Movi anywhere—no need for a tripod

    What’s in the Box

    Freefly Movi Cinema Robot

    USB-A to USB-C cable

    Two Lithium-ion 18650 batteries

    Rugged travel case

    Tech Specs

    Input Type: USB

    Other Features: Video

    Cable type: Dock to USB Cable

    Cable Length: 18 in./45.7 cm

    Connections: USB-C

    Bluetooth Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.0

    Memory Cards: MicroSD

    Power Source: Battery

    Batteries: Rechargeable lithium-ion

    Battery life: Approximately eight hours per charge (500 cycles)

    Height: 6 in./15.2 cm

    Length: 6.6 in./16.7 cm

    Depth: 2.7 in./6.8 cm

    Weight: 23.6 oz./670 g

    Manufacturer Information

    Part Number

    Mfr. Part Number: 950-00077

    UPC or EAN No.: 742574249569


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