Does it have the same grip feeling as does your other cases or is it smooth and slippery

iPhone 11 Clear Case

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6 Answers from the Community

  • It is slippery, I returned it and bought an Otter Box case. It too is clear, but has a grippy edge and is more secure in the hand.

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  • IT IS VERY SLIPPERY!!! I’m returning mine because it is so slippery.

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  • It gets less slippery, and more grippy with time

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  • The clear case is very slippery, much more slippery than the Apple silicone case. I just bought it yesterday, not considering that the grippiness would be so different, and I am going to exchange it for a silicone one.

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  • It's not slippery.

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  • Quick update from myself - I added a clear cattonguegrip to my case and now it’s perfect. Plenty of grip. Doesn’t slide in the car. And low profile.

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