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Aperture 3.4.5 is an update for Aperture 3.

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Aperture 3: How metadata fields in Aperture 3 map to fields in other applications

Aperture 3 IPTC Core 1.0 Specification Aperture 2.1.4 Preview (Mac OS X 10.6) Adobe Lightroom 2.5 Adobe Photoshop Bridge CS4 Photomechanic 4.6.1 Creator Creator Byline Creator Creator Creator Photographer Creator's Job Title CreatorJobTitle Byline Title

Aperture 3: Support resources

Search the user manual directly in Aperture 3 or online. Here's how: In Aperture 3 , choose Aperture Help from the Help menu. When you're online, visit http://help.apple.com/aperture.

Aperture 3: Training resources

Aperture 3 product pages What is Aperture ? Aperture features Aperture tech specs   Books and eBooks Apple Pro Training Series books are available from Peachpit in print, digitally, and also on iBooks.   Video training and apps Learn more about Aperture with Peachpit's Apple Video Training Series.   Aperture 3 classes Take a class at an Apple Authorized Training Center.   Aperture 3 resource page Find information on other training resources at the Aperture 3 resources page. The resources page

Aperture 3: Tips on tethered shooting

Aperture 3 lets you use tethered shooting, which means that images are captured directly into your computer from your camera. For Aperture 2, see Aperture 2: Tips on tethered shooting. The minimum requirements for tethered shooting with Aperture 3 are Aperture 3.0.3 and Mac OS X v10.6.4. Not all cameras support tethered shooting, and those that do might need to be set up in different ways to use this feature. Consult your camera's documentation for details. Some cameras support one

Aperture 3: Some videos in Aperture library are not available in iMovie Event Library

This happens with videos that are stored as referenced files in Aperture 3 . Only managed videos are available in the Aperture Videos area of the iMovie Event Library. To change referenced videos to managed: Highlight the affected videos in the Browser. Choose File > Consolidate Masters from the Aperture menu. In the dialog box, choose "Copy files" if you wish to leave a copy of the video in its current location, or choose "Move files" if you wish

Aperture 3: Quick Preview temporarily looks jagged for recently imported images

In Aperture 3 small thumbnails for each photo are imported almost instantly, allowing you to access, load, and work with newly imported RAW images immediately. The larger embedded JPEGs used by Quick Preview are imported immediately after these thumbnails appear. If you use Quick Preview on a photo before its embedded JPEG has been imported, the lower resolution thumbnail is temporarily used and may appear jagged.

Aperture 3: Some DNG images display as unsupported

In general, Aperture does not support Linearized DNG images, as explained in Aperture 2 and 3 : Tips on Baseline DNG support. The Adobe DNG Converter will sometimes create a linearized DNG image, even when you do not select the Convert to Linear Image option.  Adobe DNG Converter creates linearized DNG images from the following: sRAW images mRAW images RAW images shot on Leica, Panasonic, and Olympus cameras that use the Micro Four Thirds standard RAW

Aperture 3: Number of Aperture items seem to vary when sharing with the Media Browser

Previews from your Aperture library can be shared with other applications, like iMovie, Pages and GarageBand by using the Media Browser. Sometimes, the number of items displayed in your Aperture library may be different than the number shown in other applications. There also may be some differences in item count between some of the other applications.

Aperture 3: Dodge or Burn sometimes seem to have no effect

The Dodge and Burn adjustments sometimes seem to have no effect on certain areas of an image.

Aperture 3: Images synced to iPad have a different sort order than in Aperture

When you sync images to iPad from an Aperture album or project, the images sometimes do not maintain the same sort order as seen in Aperture.

Aperture 3: RAW photos from newly supported cameras may show as unsupported

After installing an OS X or Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update which adds support for new cameras, photos from those cameras may still show as unsupported in the Aperture library.

Aperture 3: May be unresponsive or have slower performance with third-party video codec

Aperture may randomly stop responding for extended periods and you may see a spinning wait cursor.

Aperture 3.x: An Overview of Importing Photos

Aperture provides several tools and workflow options that make it easy to import your photos.

Aperture 3.x: Glossary


Aperture 3.x: What Are Managed Images and Referenced Images?

Images whose originals are stored in the Aperture library are called managed images, and imported images whose originals haven't been placed in the library are called referenced images.

Aperture 3.x: What Is a Vault?

To ensure that you have backup copies of your photos, you create a vault to hold the backup files.

Metadata varies for Olympus cameras in Aperture 3

You might see differences in the lens metadata for pictures you took with an Olympus camera. The RAW and JPEG files might not match.

Aperture 3: Regenerate previews to resolve issues with image display

Sometimes images display incorrectly in the Viewer. When this happens it may indicate an issue with the JPEG preview Aperture creates for each image in your library. Regenerating the preview may resolve the issue.

Aperture 3: Remove From Album menu item not available for individual images in a stack

When working with stacks in albums, it is not possible to remove a single image that is part of a stack from an album. The contextual menu brought up by Control-clicking the image does not show the Remove From Album menu item, and the Delete key does not remove the image, as it would with an unstacked image, or with the entire stack.

Optimize Aperture 3 for the best-looking slideshows

Learn to optimize your Aperture settings to get the sharpest image quality in your slideshows.

Aperture 3: Photos are not split into projects by date when importing from iPad

This primarily comes into effect if you use a camera connection kit to capture images from a camera to various albums on the iPad. When the import completes, images are not split into separate projects by date.

Aperture 3: Matching RAW or JPEG files cannot be imported from iPad after initial import

Learn what to do if Matching RAW or JPEG files cannot be imported from your iPad after your initial import into Aperture.

Aperture 3: RAW photos edited by Sony camera software may appear distorted

RAW photos edited by Sony camera software may not show lens correction when viewed in Aperture. As a result, the photo may appear distorted.

Aperture 3: Data from XMP files does not import from an SD card

When you import images directly from an SD card, metadata contained in associated XMP sidecar files is not included.

About the “Open iTunes to populate this list” message in Aperture 3

When you use Aperture 3 in OS X Yosemite, you might see the message “Open iTunes to populate this list.” This happens when you select iTunes in the Slideshow Music source list. Opening iTunes does not fix the issue.

Aperture 3.6 Release notes

Aperture 3.6 is an update for Aperture 3 . Aperture 3 is a paid upgrade for Aperture.

Aperture 2 and 3: Tips on Baseline DNG support

specific knowledge of the camera's sensor characteristics in combination with the ISO value of the image. DNG images do not provide the needed sensor information. The Baseline DNG support in Aperture 2 and Aperture 3 does not include Linear DNG images. Only RAW DNG is supported. DNG images created by cameras with Foveon sensors are not supported. The image data format with Foveon sensors is very different from that of the Bayer sensors used by most cameras.

Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 5.03

This update adds RAW image compatibility for the following camera to Aperture 3 and iPhoto '11: Canon EOS M2 It also includes fixes that: Resolve an issue that prevented lens correction from working properly with Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 images Address a color cast issue on some Olympus OM-D E-M1 images For more information on supported RAW formats, see http://support.apple.com/kb/HT5955.  

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