Can This App Backup to a Networked Drive with MacBook Pro Early 2011. 2.2GHz i7 quad core 4GB RAM running OSX Snow Leopard version 10.6.8

Any Advice on the subject is greatly appreciated. Time Machine is good I really like the frequency but it has to be hardwired unless using a time capsule.

Tech buddy checked the specs and thinks my compatible (now HFS Journaled) "RAID" Storage is of superior grade and I should keep it. When I got it I was told it's future-proof which makes me laugh.

Don't want to give up the cadillac!

I'm sure both are fine but tech buddy says(more expensive) RAID is more apt to handle such an aggressive write strategy in the long term and avoid failure. When backing up that's what I expect. Is he right? I'm honestly not really sure what RAID means.

I purchased it purely for the 4TB. They said it's like instantly backing up when written to? Does that mean it's actually 8TB!? It worked really well with Wind Blows but was a desktop solution and manual.

So we hooked it up to Airport Extreme but cannot finish with time machine over the network it hangs on cleaning up.

Looked into support articles and it as it turns out "other" network drives are actually not supported! Unless they are server's. Can anyone confirm that?

Oops silly Wind Blows users who were forced to "know it all" pushed through neglecting to read the manual first...

Kinda disappointed that only proprietary dual function drives will work with time machine and that it's not the best possible storage. Buddy said don't dismiss timeCapsule because it's specs are pretty good to just not better than what I currently own. It wouldn't make sense to back out on an investment that has yet to pay for itself right. Like returning to windows machine after just purchasing MacBook Pro......Hopefully someone knows how I can use it though.

Buddy mentioned a server? Don't want to pay for another Mac, still paying on this one. In my mind I need the highest possible quality and reliability for a backup volume. And it's a notebook so wireless is a must.


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