can I boot on it?

Boot drive

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    You can make it a boot drive. You will need to use the Disk Utility program to reformat and partition the drive. This will erase everything that is on the drive. Next, you need to enable ownership on the drive. Finally, you're ready to install the operating system.

    Plug in the drive.

    From the Disk Utility, do the following:
    -Select the drive from the list on the left.
    -Click the ‘Partition’ tab.
    -Select ‘1 Partition’ from the Volume Scheme dropdown menu.
    -Enter a descriptive name for the drive.
    -Select Mac OS X Extended (Journaled) from the Format dropdown menu.
    -Click the ‘Options’ button.
    -Select ‘GUID Partition Table’ from the list of available partition schemes.
    -Click ‘OK. A warning will appear that all data on the drive will be erased.
    -Click the ‘Apply’ button.
    -A sheet will drop down, warning you that you are about to erase all data.
    -Click ‘Partition.’ Disk Utility will format and partition your flash drive.
    -Quit Disk Utility.

    For a drive to be bootable, it must be able to support ownership. This enables files and folders to have specific ownership and permissions. Do the following:
    -Locate the drive on your Mac desktop.
    -Highlight its icon.
    -Press the "Command" & "I" keys together to open the Info window.
    -Expand the ‘Sharing & Permissions’ section, if it’s not already expanded.
    -Click the lock icon in the bottom right corner.
    -Enter your administrator password when asked.
    -Remove the check mark from ‘Ignore ownership on this volume.’
    -Close the Info window.

    You are now ready to install the operating system either by disk or download.