Can I connect my PC with DisplayPort to the Thunderbolt Display using an adapter or cable?

For work, I have an HP EliteBook 8470p, which has DisplayPort. When I'm using it at home, I'd like to be able to hook it up to my Thunderbolt Display.

I haven't found a male DisplayPort to female mini-DisplayPort/Thunderbolt adapter, but I have found a male DisplayPort to male mini-DisplayPort/Thunderbolt cable, which would technically allow me to connect the devices. However, I'm not sure whether the Thunderbolt Display accepts input from anything other than it's attached cable, or whether my PC's DisplayPort signal is compatible. Is it?

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  • There is a Thunderbolt to Digital DV adapter, but not the other way around. If the rest of computer manufacturers adopt Thunderbolt like they did USB back in the day, you'll see more adapters and monitors. Thunderbolt was developed by Intel and Apple not by Apple alone so who knows why there isn't more adaptation by the other manufacturer's.

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    When I bought my Thunderbolt display, the sales guy advised that there was a guy who tried this very thing and he wound up returning the display the next day. The sales guy said that he advised the guy that it wouldn't work, but he wanted to try it anyway.