Can I connect my smart TV to an Airport Extreme with an ethernet cable?

I want to buy a new router to extend my current network and also to plug in my iMac and LG Smart TV via the ethernet ports as we are looking at connecting to the NBN. Would I be able to connect my TV to the Airport via ethernet, and would i be able to plug a switch into one of the ports if I have the need to plug in more than 3 devices?

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    Yes, thats my simple answer, but the Airport Extreme puts out a wireless signal, and your TV should be able to pick up a wireless signal. So if you want to connect it wirelessly.

    A switch should work in one of the ports. Have you looked into buying a main router and then the AirPort Express. It's 99$ and it works great. It has one Ethernet port so you put it right next to the device you want to connect and then plug the Ethernet into the Airport Express from the device.