Can I store my movie library on the time capsule and play them on my mac. do I need to have apple tv in addition to do this

QA Apple Time Capsule

QA Apple Time Capsule

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    Yes, you can. The only reason you would need an TV is if you were actually wanting to stream the movies to your TV. If your movie library is part of your iTunes Library, you may need to tweak some preferences to get it to be able to play it in iTunes, yet keep it stored on the Time Capsule drive.

  • Yes, you can store your entire iTunes library on the Time Capsule, but this is not a supported configuration. However, after you put all of your movies into you iTunes library and the add some you might find that your iTunes library can no longer exist on your macs HD. So, you'll want an external HD in addition to the TC because at that point the TC is no longer a backup but is the drive where your iTunes library exists and you'll want to back that up.

  • I would be careful about this - I tried to do it and it was really clunky. Part of the problem is that connecting via ethernet is slow and wireless pretty slow too. But beyond that, it seems that the TC wasn't really designed for that use. tried to have my Iphoto library on the TC and it was connected directly to the computer via the ethernet chord. My mac constantly glad trouble finding the iphoto library, with because the TC was hibernating or it had gone into hibernation mode and had woken up, but in the mean time, my Mac had lost it. this happened sometimes in the middle of working with iphoto (like if I left to get coffee). iTunes was the same. Finally, I just got an external HD and put it next to my computer and I'm much happier. Can back up the HD with TC. I'm certainly not a networking expert, but I can usally figure out how to makes things work. It doesn't and many others on these sorts of boards have had the same problems.

  • Apple tv is not required.
    movies can be played directly from your mac