Can I use this as a primary drive for my iMac?

I love my new 2012 iMac but definitely the biggest minus is the slow 5400 RPM HDD. If its true that thunderbolt is as fast as internal bus could I not then use this as my primary drive and then use the internal drive for media storage. So I would do raid stripping 128 GB and put OS X on it. Would that work?

I don't care at all about portability or capacity- my only concerns are speed and aesthetics. I would have chose a 128GB SSD over the 1TB HDD if I could. (I'm in the cloud all the time in fact I'm posting this from the cloud right now. We have unicorns.)

Apple only offered a 768 GB SSD but only on the 27" and costing $1 more than the cost of my stock iMac. So this might be a good aftermarket solution.

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2 Answers from the Community

  • Bruce B, I appreciate the response but yes I know SSDs rock. Thank you for the tease but my question is regarding whether or not the Pegasus J2 is able to be the boot drive so I can enjoy the SSD goodness as well! :-P

  • I've got a 27iMac with a 240 OCZ SSD and the standard 1Tb HD.

    The software sits on the SSD and the OS loads in 12 seconds and amazingly CS6 Photoshop opens in 3 seconds - it might be less!!
    Mine came with the space for the SSD and the iMac was pro upgraded.

    SSD marvellous! About 70Gb used with So and all the Apple stuff, CS6 Master and MS Office for Mac.