can this charger be used for a mac pro laptop if not can i have a link for a mac pro charger please

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    From Macworld Mag 2006:

    If you hold the two power supplies side by side, you’ll notice that the MacBook Pro’s is larger. That’s because the MacBook Pro uses an 85-watt power supply, while the MacBook uses a 60-watt power supply. Apple says you can use the more powerful, 85-watt power supply with a MacBook without any problems, and that in 80 percent to 90 percent of situations, you can use the MacBook’s power supply with the more-demanding MacBook Pro as well. If you’re really taxing the MacBook Pro’s processor with some heavy-duty work, the MacBook’s adapter will still be able to power the MacBook Pro—but it may not have any power left over to charge its battery.

    so, yes, contrary to what everyone else has said, you can.

  • This charger is for the 13" MacBook/MacBook Pro, *not* the 15" or 17" MacBook Pros which use an 85W adapter. While you can use the 85W adapter on a 13" MacBook/Pro, you cannot use the 60W adapter on the 15" or 17" MacBook Pros.

  • iFixit Says that:
    MacBook Unibody (Model No. A1342) 60-watt Apple AC AdapterThis product works in:
    All MacBooks and MacBook Airs
    All 13" Unibody MacBook Pros
    2.53 GHz (Mid 2009) 15" Unibody MacBook Pros

    So 60 watt can be used with 15"?

  • For the 13-inch Macbook Pro, use the 60W Magsafe adaptor.
    For the 15 and 17-inch Macbook Pro, use the 85W Magsafe adaptor.

  • Yes you can even use a 60 watt magsafe for a 15 or 17 inch MBP it will charge extremely slow but it will work but note one thing that if you do graphics or cpu intensive work on the MacBook then it might provide power for the MacBook but not charge it.

  • I've used the adapter from my sisters unibody Macbook on my 1st gen unibody Macbook pro 15in and it worked just fine. Same size and all, but I did notice that it took much longer to charge the battery.

  • Yes, just select the correct model. If you have a 13" you need to select the 60-watt, the others (15", 17") this is the correct adapter (85-watt).

  • This charger is for the 15 and 17 inch MacBook Pro. The name of your product should be located between the display and keyboard (on the display panel) in the center.

    The Mac Pro is a desktop computer and does not have a portable adapter.