Can you "clone" your mac onto this hard drive?

My mac is running on 10.5.8 software but I would like to update this. I have been told that to do so I need to create a backup of my computer. Could this work with this hard drive? I am afraid I will loose my programs such as Illustrator, photoshop etc...

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    Yes you can clone your Mac to this drive with the proper software. FIrst you need to make sure that the 500 gig external hard drive is big enough to transfer all of your data from your Mac. If so, you have several options.

    You can use Time Machine that is included in OS 10.5, but unfortunately this is not going to clone your Mac hard drive to the new external hard drive. It saves most of your data, but it will not make a bootable drive out of the external hard drive. If you want an exact copy of the Mac hard drive, you can use SuperDuper! or Carbon Copy Cloner. I have used SuperDuper! for several years and coincidentally I had to use it last weekend when my MacBook Pro hard drive corrupted. You can run your Mac off of the external drive and restore your data back to the original drive in your Mac computer. There are free versions to try, and SuperDuper has a paid version with extra features. Carbon Copy Cloner does the same thing but costs a bit more. If you're interested in either of these programs, you can do a search and you can download these programs from one of the usual download sites.