how can I train after I buy AutoCad  software

  • Asked about:  AutoCAD 2013 for Mac Software

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    I was a cabinet maker. After blowing a disc in my back at the age of 40, I taught my self AutoCAD release 10 & then 11 after surgery. Then release 12, 14, 2000 etc. I was a C+ English Major at college. So if you can read it's doable.

    Buy Inside AutoCAD or some other thick book. Put your computer in a quiet room and open to page 1. When you're done, decide what you're going to do with AutoCAD for a job and buy books dealing with that career. If you can't figure something out, Google it or hit F1. You have to be disciplined. I spent 10 hours a day on it while recovering.

    NOW!! Learn how to fix things when they go wrong!! Like when you're menus disappear. Look at the file structure. Learn where the files are on the machine. Back up important files. If you can draw AND manage the program you are more of an asset. Also figure out how to customize the program. Add new commands. Customize toolbars and stuff for the specific career. That's the fun part.

    Good Luck

  • Best bet is watch tutorials provided with the software. After watching these tutorials simply start using the software and it will come to you. I have had a couple of classes in AutoCAD and so far I have not been shown anything I couldn't figure out on my own. Great software wish I could afford it!