How can you tell what generation your ipod touch is? Is the newest ipod touch the one the camera on both the front and back the third generation?

Belkin Leather Folio for iPod touch (2nd Gen.)

Belkin Leather Folio for iPod touch (2nd Gen.)

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    I'm not sure about the 1st generation.

    But the 2nd Generation, look on the back and see if there is a black rectangular - oval - circle in the upper left corner.

    The 3rd Generation is, turn your iPod Touch on and unlock it, click the circle (home button) twice quickly in a row, and if it comes up with apps at the bottom and you can like slide (move it to the side) it's a 3rd Generation iPod.

    The 4th Generation can come in black and white (I think) and has a camera in the middle at the top at the front and at the back and can do the same thing as the 3rd Generation.

    How to get iMessages:
    You can only get iMessages if you have a 3rd Generation or later version (I know, unfair, I have a 2nd Generation iPod Touch). You need to plug in the sync charger into the iMac/Windows and go on iTunes and update your iPod. If you already update your iPod, but it doesn't have iMessages still, you will need to restore your iPod, you will lose your apps, such as games, socials besides the apps you cannot delete/uninstall.

    Thanks for your patience.

  • The iPod Touch 4g has a cam on the front and back. The 3g has no cam but will multitask on iOS 4. the 2g won't multitask, but will run iOS 4. the 1g won't run it at all. PS A lot of people are all like: I have a 3g iPod Touch with 8GB but they don't because that doesn't exist. the 3g only comes with 32 and 64GB flash drives.

  • Apple has a really nice webpage that will tell you what Generation your iPod touch is.

    Click on "support" on the apple home page.

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  • Yes the 4th Gen. is the one with the cameras and the 3rd Gen. is basically the 2nd Gen. but with a few modifications i.e. the 32 and 64 GB is as thin as the 8 GB and you can put backgrounds without jail breaking it and multi-task (4.0 and up software). The 2nd Gen. 8 GB is as thin as the 3rd Gen. iPods.

  • The iPod touch (3rd generation) can be distinguished from iPod touch (2nd generation) by looking at the back of the device. In the text below the engraving, look for the model number. iPod touch (2nd generation) is model A1288, and iPod touch (3rd generation) is model A1318.

    Taken from the apple support website.

  • 4th generation

  • The one with the camera is the 4th generation