I am a truck driver. If WiFi is unavailable, am I able to print using my data package?

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    I have a data plan (Verizon Cellular) on my iPad with no wifi but I needed a router (I used the Airport Apple router) to set up communication between my iPad and the printer. I have done this. However, once I have downloaded what I want printed from my data plan I have to shut down the data plan and just let the printer and iPad "talk" to each other through the router in order to print. You will first need to set up your router-iPad communication and then the printer . I called Apple customer service first, then I called Epson customer service. These two sources helped me set it up. I bought both items (air printer and Airport Router) from Apple so I could easily return either if I couldn't figure it out. Call Apple before buying anything and they will explain it. I had to call more than once to get the most knowledgeable person.
    Hope this helps.

  • No, however if you are using a recent iPhone, iPad or Macbook, you can create your own wifi on these devices using the Personal Hotspot feature on iOS for example. Then in theory you should be able to connect your devices together over this wifi network. Anyone tried this yet?