I have a Dell PC work computer (Windows 7) and MacBook Air Laptop. Will the  Word and Excel programs work together on the different platform?

Can I create a document on one computer and bring it over to the other computer without compromising the data/format?

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    Yes. I am a student in middle school and I have to do something very similar on a weekly basis. Sometimes the fonts or animations might change a little, but otherwise it is flawless. I would not worry about it. So to get to the point, yes they will work.

  • Yes, 99% of the time the files are readable and editable across platforms.

    I have had a few instances where Office for Mac could not open PowerPoint files created by a specific individual (the error says the file may have been created using a trial version of PowerPoint), and some complex spreadsheets with macros don't seem to work (especially ones that require Windows-only plugins). But for general use I haven't come across many issues, and I regularly pass my own documents back and forth between Windows and Mac.

  • Micorsoft Works is a legacy software, I am having trouble to believe Dell still ships out Windows 7 with Works. The latest systems in the past few years, have been shipped out with the trail version of Office suite.

    Regardless, if the version of WORKS installed your Windows PC ( i.e. Dell computer ) support .docx, xls , then when files with such extension transferred to your Apple Mac ( iOS ) with the Micorosoft Office for Mac installed, then you can open and edit the files on your Apple laptop that were originally created on Dell Windows system.

    However, if you edit and save the files on Mac with different file extension that WORKS doesn't support, when you send it back to your Dell PC, it will have problem to recognize it.

    From software installation standpoint, if the WORKS that came with your Dell PC has an OEM CD / DVD, you can NOT use it for your Mac, because software is platform (Operating System ) specific.