I have this and an Air Port. Do I need both? How do I check this hard drive for backup info on my old laptop?

I have the WD 2TB My Book for Mac Desktop Hard Drive. I bought this a long time ago. I have a new laptop since then (Mac Book Air) as well as an "Air Port". I'm reasonably sure that I've backed some version of my old laptop on this Drive. I may have files or pictures that I'd like to have back. Not sure how to get to them. If/when I do get to any old info I have, will I need this Drive? Or will my Air Port suffice?
Thanks in advance for any and all help you can give.

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    I'm somewhat confused by your question. You should be able to simply plug in the hardrive via USB and view what's on it to make your own determination. What you do with the drive after you've recovered the information you want is up to you. You could enable multiple drive support in Time Machine (just add it as another drive, the software will walk you through it) and make it into an additional backup that you keep off-site as a data insurance policy. I use my old hard drives for iMovie, Time Machine, and any number of things.