If I wanted to use the GiO to gig with, could I still use my overdrive and boost pedals? Where would they go in the signal chain?

Apogee GiO Guitar Interface

Apogee GiO Guitar Interface

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    That's a Loaded Question on Effecting with a USB Audio Interface. Boost/Overdrive/Fuzz/Distortion Pedals boost the signal output a lot to cause harmonic distortion/clipping in tube amps. It's pointless to overdrive the Guitar's signal going into the GiO where You want clear and clean resolution on Input like if You have Logic Pro 9 Mainstage for Live use like say Nine Inch Nails and Reznor as example... so You have Stereo Outs on the GiO for Amps/Monitors... You're better on an Audio Interface to put them Post-FX on the Output to Amp for best Overdrive FX to amp/sound system Live. Otherwise using those pedals going into the GiO You have to turn down output on them so You don't fry the circuits in the GiO.

  • The GiO has a connection for an expression pedal. Apogee officially supports the Yamaha FC-7 and the Roland EV-5.