Is there an adaptor available to go from DVI dual Link to Mini display port? In other words, can I connect 3 Cinema Displays to this card?

  • Asked about:  NVIDIA Quadro K5000 GPU for Mac

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  • It states that it only supports two displays. It has 2 dvi and 2 display port plugs but this does not seem to me that it supports 4 only 2 is stated in description. My guess is that you can plug in 4 displays using 2 dvi and 2 display port so it supports 4 displays but only can do 2 unique desktops the other 2 is in mirror mode. Means you can only exited to 2 displays a desktop and the other 2 will only mirror the first unique 2. Which is not bad. Also if you are looking to connect 3 unique desktops you should get the 5770 video card that has one dvi and 2 mini display ports. It handles 3 unique displays for desktop. And you don't need this unless you want to drive a 4k display. Resolution I think is limited to 2500x1600 on the 5770. Most look for this to drive displays at 3880x2160.

  • If you can find an Atlona AT-DP400 converter/adapter, this can be done. It happens I have one of these and, from first hand experience, it works.

  • Addendum to my previous answer:

    Atlona did make a dual-link capable adaptor with the LED Cinema Display in mind, but has since discontinued it.