Is this the best product to transfer Laser Discs to digital file?

I have a lot of old Laser Disc that they never made into DVD or Blue ray and I would like to turn all of them to digital files, would this product be the best option?

  • Asked about:  Blackmagic Design Video Recorder

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  • I have not personally used this device but, as long as your LaserDisc Player has component video output (RGB), it should capture the SD NTSC analog component video and audio stream from your LaserDisc Player just fine.

    Since the video is being encoded to H.264 format in real-time as it is capturing the feed rather than a 2-pass process, you may see some artifacts on fast action scenes... but, as I said, I have not used this product and so I cannot review the quality of the captured video. Most of the new chipsets do a good job of on-the-fly conversion.

    The only problem may be if some of your LaserDiscs are encrypted with MacroVision (used at the time when LaserDisc was king), but a video stablizer would be able to clean up the purposely unstable video signal.

    Since this is questionably legal, be sure to keep your original LDs as proof of ownership for fair-use transfer of media format.