I've put the itune vouchers in my account - how do I buy the ipencil?

I couldn't find an option to redeem itunes vouchers to buy an ipencil on the apple store and was directed to link through to my itunes account and put them on there, which I have done. Now I can't find an option to buy the ipencil on there.

I have £65 in vouchers towards an ipencil and will settle the rest with my cc, so how do I order the ipencil please? Spending too long trying to spend money with you.


  • Asked by fn
  • Asked about:  iTunes Gift Card

1 Answer from the Community

  • The credit can be used only against virtual purchases on the Apple Stores - iTunes Store or App Store. I'm afraid it can't be used against physical purchases, such as the Apple Pencil.

    • Answered by Billy R