Leather vs polyurethane smart cover

Which material is best to get? I like the feel of the leather but I worry about durability and permeability.

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    polyurethane feels very soft and looks great. it cleans up easily and resists stains. it is marketed as a highly durable eco-friendly alternative to leather. The truth is polyurethane wears out extremely quickly in a high use situation. the colored polyurethane quickly wears off the backing material, typically polyester, leaving an ugly gray fabric showing through. i am in the industry and i see failures every day. polyurethane has half (50%) or less durability of pvc faux leather/vinyl.
    architects and designers receive leed credits for the use of this material because it is supposed to be earth friendly. in reality it can only be made in china due to the extremely toxic byproducts produced in its manufacturing process. i compare this product to flocking. if you remember the old suede feeling glove boxes in cars back in the 70's. the problem was it wore out very quickly leaving the plastic backing behind. typically when polyurethane fails, it peels right off the backing. dont be fooled, it is an inferior product. and when sewn, can easily rip away from the stitching. canvas and leather are always best, never purchase leather made from sheep or lamb. never purchase nubuck or any "natural leather" as it will stain with just water unless treated. this also includes suede. if you must buy a faux leather always choose pvc. it has come a long way since the old naugahyde you may remember.

  • i honestly thing that the polyurethane has a nice touch and is really cool.And it is very durible and it will look good for a longer time than the leather. hope i helped

  • I have 4 custom made leather iPad cases.i know the elk hide and buckskin sure are so extra safe because they are anti slip.